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EOS 300D
UAC-3500 Universal Adapter for 52-67mm filter size

You can simply “Snap On” UAC-3500 Universal Adapter on the lens filter threads of 52-67mm.

Male threads size: 52-67mm
Female threads size: 37mm


Do not use the built-in flash while the lens is attached.

The DCR-CF185PRO/DCR-FE180PRO lenses weigh 565g (1.24lbs)/685g (1.5 lbs)and they are rather heavy stuff and may limit the way of shooting condition.Be careful in handling the camera with the lens attached, such as supporting or protecting the lens by your own hand.

In mounting the macro lens onto a long focal length lens (telephoto lens), the degree of magnification becomes extremely greater@and the depth of field (the 3D planes between which objects appear to be in focus) becomes shallow and smaller. Itfs recommended that you use a sturdy tripod or copy stand or macro-slider with proper lighting source for sharp photos.

*It is recommended to focus manually while the conversion lens is attached on the zoom lens.

*The cosmetic designs may change without prior notice.

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